Welcome to Worthing Pier.

Built in 1862, Worthing Pier stands as a historic icon that has weathered the tests of time, undergoing several renovations and additions over the years. At the heart of this architectural marvel lies the Southern Pavilion, a structure that has witnessed a diverse array of roles, from a concert hall that hosted performers like Sir Thomas Beecham to a nightclub that echoed with the rhythm of the times.

In September 2019, Strenson Leisure Ltd behind the 'Perch' brand of café restaurants, acquired the lease to the Southern Pavilion. Alexander Coombes, owner and managing director, was captivated by the building's charm and the public's enduring affection for the pier.

The Perch team, led by Alexander, embarked on a mission to restore the Southern Pavilion to its former glory. Engaging with the local community, they gathered fond memories and stories that highlighted the pavilion's significance in the hearts of Worthing residents. The plan was clear – a restorative process to bring a family-friendly dining experience to this magnificent space.

The restoration process revealed the state of the building, exposing signs of age, neglect, and risky structural conditions. The scale of the renovation project was immense, requiring a long-term approach to preservation. The timeline was marked by unexpected delays, such as subfloor damage, roofing repairs, and the discovery of additional works needed for fire prevention.

The subfloor had to be rebuilt, spiral staircases relocated, and accessibility improved. Original features like Crittall doors were meticulously restored, preserving the historical character of the pavilion. The fit-out phase included a significant expansion and improvement of the kitchen, enabling the Perch team to deliver a diverse and fresh menu. Sustainability was a key focus, with existing materials repurposed to minimise waste and emphasise eco-friendly practices.

As you step into the transformed Southern Pavilion, you witness not just a restaurant venue but a living testament to the perseverance, dedication, and community spirit that revived Worthing Pier's historic jewel.

enjoy the panoramic views, and become a part of the next chapter in the extraordinary journey of Worthing Pier and the Southern Pavilion.