Worthing pier in the past

An introduction to the past of Worthing Pier

Pre 2019

The Southern Pavilion has gone through various iterations, this is the site Perch Team inherited.

Perch Build

The details of the work the Perch Team did.


Welcome to our Story of the Worthing Pier Southern Pavilion

It's been a journey of perseverance and dedication to bring the Pavilion back to life. This website isn't a recount of our endeavours in opening Perch; it's a deeper reflection on the time, effort, and subsequent healing involved in reviving this extraordinary Art Deco structure at the end of the pier. It came close to breaking us as friends, colleagues and as a company.

We aim not to present an exhaustive history of the pier or a detailed chronicle of constructing the southern pavilion. Instead, we wish to share insights into the labour and love that went into revitalising this building. It's about unveiling the hidden elements within a magical site and narrating some of the stories they hold. As the current torchbearers of this historic pavilion, we recognise the legacy of those who came before us and the responsibility to those who will follow. This website is our testament to our work, and we hope to honour the expectations set by such a charming and eccentric site. It's a narrative of our journey, challenges, and triumphs in bringing the Worthing Pier Southern Pavilion back to life.

Alex Coombes - Perch Owner